Welcome to IDAHO CYCLE WERKS, we are proud to be your North West Dealer for "THA HEIST" from Cleveland Cyclewerks and PIT Motors.  We now have "THA MISFIT". We are located in down town Emmett, Idaho. Just a short drive from Boise, Nampa, Ontario and surrounding areas. The Heist is 250cc Bobber (a Hard Tail), this is a fantastic looking old school bike, with Full Warranty, parts and support. The motor is a 4 stroke, air cooled, balanced shaft motor from Lifan. Lifan was originated by Honda as a supplier of engines and parts. The ignition is the reliable and proven CDI. Here is the great part, with fuel cost going up this 250cc, 4 stroke motor, which is very efficient and clean burning, could you get you 100 mpg, but 65 mpg is a good base. So that also make this a great way to get to work or just to take a cruise around town. I almost forgot the best part of this fantastic bike, the price….$3295.00 MSRP

"Tha Misfit" is a café style with an old school look. It also has the same 250cc motor as the Heist. You can ride single or remove the back seat panel to be able to have a passenger. You can get all the details from the CCW site. THA MISFIT is here we have it in our showroom. The price on the Misfit is  $3295.00 MSRP


We also spoke about how easy it is to do modifications on Tha Heist. Please go to either Cleveland or to PIT and check out some of the customs they have on their sites. Here locally we are partnering up with Squaw Butte Signs. They do custom graphics at a very affordable price. So give us a call or send us an e-mail, you can find all the info on the left side of the page. We will also be carrying accessories to help you get the look you want. There will be a map on the bottom of this page so you can find us. Please enjoy the videos on the right side of this page. Come see us so you can be the first to have the hottest retro on the block.

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